The chairs exist since the early period of Egypt, which dates back to the year 2920 BC. They have been dramatically evolving through all periods and illustrate the life and time of those who live in the periods in which the chairs are designed, built and used. In fact, the chair is a symbol of the ever-changing life styles and values ​​of those who sit on them. The chair we are presenting you today is quite different from the chairs of ancient Egyptians and shows a modern design that is innovative and aesthetically pleasing, while  protecting your health.

Bone chair reminds us of the backbone. The visually and technically unique chair is automatically adjusted according to the shape of the users back. In fact, there is no lever for adjusting the backrest, as it simply is not necessary due to the chair built-in patented design. The user's backbone adjusts and follows it with respect to the posture, which ultimately allows freedom of movement and good support. Ergonomic solutions are very important in today's time when we spend a lot of time sitting. The Bone chair certainly provides a lot of comfort for employees and increases productivity of them.


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