Through its striking charm ARCO is placed in the working environment to transmit trust to customers. It is designed to follow the human body flexibility and every postural movement being perfectly ergonomic and highly functional. The headrest and armrest adaptability are complemented to the aerodynamic structure and its padded support in the lumbar zone fulfils a good posture and a greater comfort.
The backrest of ARCO chair was born from an in-depth study of car & aviation design world. After a deep research on the languages and the ergonomic solutions used on the seats of the most important modern transport vehicles, has been developed a multi functional task chair with the aim of beeing one step ahead of the others on the market. The backrest design starts from a simple three-lines giving to the backrest its distinctive character.
ARCO's unique suspension back frame support system further enhances the ergonomic design of the chair while providing excellent shoulder and back support, it`s a seating that combines the functionality and aesthetic.

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